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Student, please follow all the task to complete a video. You have a week to complete your ďAll About Me" video that is due before the bell rings. Do not waste time talking or trying to figure out what song you want to use. The song will only last for 58 seconds to 1 minute. Do not get stuck on listen to the music. Your objective is to create the best video about yourself using pictures. 

Phase 1

1.       Watch the video below to complete your steps on how to create a video with music. 

2.       Look at the video below on how to upload video to YouTube. All videos will be upload to the class YouTube account. 

3.       See the video below on how to convert your Window Live Movie Maker project to a movie.

4.       Read, re-read and read the rubric again. It will help you complete this project with higher order thinking.

Phase 2: Requirement: Every student needs headsets. 

1.       The video should be no longer than 1:00 minute and no less than 58 seconds. 

2.       Video should have music added

3.       Video should have transition added to pictures

4.       Video should have Pan and zoom added to pictures

5.       The video should have the title All About Me.

6.       The video should have credits at the end, but the word credits must be changed to created by. Also, add music by and give artist name and the title of the song. 

Phase 3: Emailing your "All About Me" Music Video

1.       Go to your school email and email your final copy of your "All About Me" video to your teacher.

2.       If you forgot how to attach a file to your email address, please watch the how-to video below on How to Attaching a file to email address.

Phase 4: Job well was done

**Now, go over video rubric to make sure you complete all the steps required for higher order thinking. Click here to view rubric

Let's see which video gets the most hits. I will inform you when the videos are ready for view on the school YouTube site. 


How to Attach a file to an Email

Description: Students will learn how to attach a file using their gmail account.
How to convert music using Youtube convert

Description: Students need to watch this video to learn how to convert music form YouTube convert. This will help them with adding music to their video.
How to Create a Video Using Windows Live Movie Maker

Description: Students will learn how to create a video using Window Live Movie Maker.
How to save project to movie using Window Live Movie Maker

Description: Students will watch this video to see how to save their final project to a movie.

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