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Prior knowledge needed: Blood, blood types, and the AB0-Rh systems

What determines a blood type?, What are antigens & antibodies?, What's the difference between antigens and antibodies?, How are A&B antigens and Rh antigens similar?, How are A&B antigens and Rh antigens different?, What are the specific characteristics of each blood type?... If you do not know the answers to these questions, I suggest that you go over Tutorial #1 of the Blood Typing Game in order to review the content one more time. Otherwise, understanding today's activity will be much harder. To access Tutorial # 1 in the The Blood Typing GameClick  proceed... Select Quick game - same patients... Read the introductory information...click main menu, and study Tutorial # 1: What is a blood type?  

ACTIVITY: Identifying blood types in the lab and performing safe transfusions
  1. Go to The Blood Typing Game 
  2. Click proceed... Select Quick game - same patients... Then click main menu
  3. Go to Tutorial # 2: How do you determine a patient's blood type? 
  4. Get your notebook
  5. Make a STEP-BY-STEP flow diagram on how to determine a patient's blood type in the lab. Make sure to explain and describe what is agglutination and how it looks. In other words: how do you figure out the blood group and Rh factor of a sample to finally report a blood type?
  6. Practice with the 3 exercises at the end of Tutorial #2. They'll let you know how much you understand so you can decide if you should re-visit Tutorials 1 or 2
  7. Scroll up... Click back
  8. Go to Tutorial #3: How do you perform safe blood transfusions?
  9. Get your notebook and finish your HW mind map about Blood Types:
    • Describe what a transfusion is and how it is done
    • Explain in detail what happens if a patient receives the incorrect blood
    • What can doctors do if a patient can't tell them his/her blood type, or does not know it, and there is no time to determine it in the lab due to an emergency?
  10. Scroll up... click back. This should take you to the main menu page
  11. Click start playing, then proceed... practice and save all 3 patients! :)
  12. If you have time left...save more patients! Go back to the main page and select a different game to play (suggestion: Quick game - random patients). IMPORTANT! if you want to go for a Mission Based game you will have to create an account first, which is free. GOOD LUCK! :)

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