Preparing for a Trip


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The travel agent will choose your destination.  You want to be considerate of your grandparents' interests as well as your own when choosing a destination.  You will use a graphic organizer to brainstorm common interrests that your grandparents and you enjoy and consider them when choosing a destination.  For example, do you and your grandpa enjoy fishing?  If so, does the chosen location have any lakes or ponds? After creating your graphic organizer use it as an aide to create a travel brochure to share with your friends and grandparents, informing them of the entertainment and other sight-seeing options that they will have at the chosen location. 





The navigator will create a list of directions and a sketch of a map with the grandparents' house as a starting point.  Be sure to include names of roads, highways, streets, and interstates that you will be traveling on.  A picture of a compass should be included as well, illustrating north, north east, north west, south, south east, south west, east, and west directions.   An example of directions to a destination can be viewed at the following website.



The transportation and lodging assistant must create a budget to determine how much gas money will be needed for the trip.  The average cost of gas in your state is currently $2.00 per gallon and the gas mileage in your grandparents mini van is 23 miles per gallon.  You must include round trip milieage and add on an additional $50.00 to spare for traveling while from place to place at your vacation destination.  You will then compare and contrast two hotels that are in the area using a venn diagram and make a list of pros and cons for each hotel.  Using the list,  choose the one you would like to stay at and provide a brief paragraph at the bottom of your list explaining why you chose that specific hotel.


The food services coordinator will be given a budget of $400 for breakfast, lunch and dinner for Saturday and Sunday and dinner on Friday.  Make a menu using the list of food prices on the attachment below.  Each meal must be full course (including at least one fruit or vegetable, a meat, and a starch).   

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