Middle School 101: Skills For Success



1. You will focus on all of the following study skills:

*Getting Organized
*Note Taking     
*Test Taking     
*Time Management     
*Improving Reading and Comprehension

2.  Gather Information
Use the links that are identified for the particular skill that you are working on.  
Look at each site and read the information.  Record your findings on a "Findings Chart" for each study skill. 
(print out the chart from "Chart" page) 
Compare which information is repeated on the different sites and which information is only found in one place.  
Use the information that you have found to fill in an "Information Chart" for each study skill. 
(print out the chart from "Chart" page)

3.  Make a Reference Sheet
Design a reference sheet for each study skill using the information that you have learned 
about it from your research.  Keep in mind that you are developing this for other students to keep in their notebooks.  
It needs to be easy to understand.  Make sure that you include websites they can reference.Create a simple draft of each 
and have them approved by the teacher before spending a large amount of time on the project.  

4.  Make a Poster, Website, or Brochure
Create a poster, website, or brochure that will help students remember to use 
the skills and how to use them.  It should be "eye-catching" and readable!  
Make a draft on paper and have it approved by the teacher before creating the final product.  

5.  Presentation
You will need to cover each of the following when you present your project to the class:     
*Name of the study skills     
*Why each skill is important     
*How each skill can help you     
*How you or when to use this skill     
*Explain the product (poster, website, or brochure) and how it was created

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