My favorite room in the house.



                                                          Here you begin your journey!


1. You'll be playing with your tongue. First listen to the tongue twister several times and

then record your voice twice.

Do this as long as you want to, but you'll have to do this at least once!


2. Listen, watch, read  and repeat rooms in the house :


3. Practice by yourself. Go over stages choose and remember.


4. Play one of the following games: find the pairs, ballon burst, wordsearch or hangman.


5.  Listen, watch, read and repeat furniture.


6. Listen, watch and and sing prepositions.


7. Work in pairs to practice with your partner to make up sentences orally using furniture and

prepositions.Use this exercise as a prompt:


8. Listen and read the knovio presentation about your favorite room in the house:


9.  Open an account inhttp://www.gliffy.com ,  begin a new project

 and choose the template  for  interior design following the images gliffy

1, 2, 3 y 4 in the resources.

10. Delete all the furniture from your favorite part of the house and drag and drop

furniture where you like. Arrange your favorite part of the house anyway you wish.

11. Save the project and get ready to share it with your classmates.

12. Make an oral presentation in five sentences similar to the one your teacher showed you

using your gliffy floor plan to talk about your favorite room in the house.

                             I hope you have enjoyed all the steps along the process ♥














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