Charting the Course: 4th Grade Social Studies



Essential Standard: 4.C & G.2  Analyze the North Carolina Constitution.

Clarifying Objective:  4.C & G.2.2    Give examples of rights and responsibilities of citizens according to North Carolina Constitution.

Rights and Responsibilities are outlined by the state government. 

Examples of rights are:  freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and own property.

Examples of responsibilities are:  respecting rights of others, voting, and obeying the laws.

Day 1

Today you will working in pairs.

1. Use the link below to access the North Carolina State Constitution.

2. Complete the Rights and Responsibilities Organizer

3. Participate in selection of Class President by using Voting Ballots provided.  Once you have written in your choice, place your ballot into the Ballot Box in the classroom.


1.  With your partner access the link; Children Bill of Rights.  Watch the video, read and discuss the information.

2.  Individually, complete and turn in Children Rights and Responsibilities.

3.  Choose one RIGHT or RESPONSIBILITY and using art materials supplied, create a poster (individually, or in pairs) that shows your interpretation of that right or responsibility.  Do your best work!  Best posters will be entered in the county art contest.

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