The Phantom Tollbooth



Now that you have read The Phantom Tollbooth let's apply some of what you learned!

Step 1: The teacher will assign you a partner.

Step 2: You and your partner will work together to complete the next three steps in this webquest.

Step 3: Dictionopolis:  Choose five (5) words and five (5) idioms that you learned while reading The Phantom Tollbooth. Do you have your five words and idioms? Ok, now do the following:
  1. Write the definition of each word or the meaning of each idiom in the Word Detective Graphic Organizer.
  2. Research the etymology (the history/origin of the word or idiom) of each word and idiom and report your findings on the Word Detective Graphic Organizer.
  3. Create an illustration of each word and idiom on the Word Detective Graphic Organizer
Use the following links to help you on this portion of the trip!
Or you may use any search engine of your choosing (ex: yahoo or google).

Step 4: Digitopolis: Choose five(5) of the ten(10) journeys listed below:
  1. New York City, NY to San Francisco, CA
  2. Los Angeles, CA to Chicago, IL
  3. Cleveland, OH to Atlanta, GA
  4. Las Vegas, NV to Washington D.C.
  5. Pinon, AZ to Boston, MA
  6. Austin, TX to Seattle, WA
  7. Portland, OR to Myrtle Beach, SC
  8. Orlando, FL to St. Louis, MO
  9. Fargo, ND to New Orleans, LA
  10. Phoenix, AZ to Youngstown, OH
Once you have chosen your ten journeys, do the following:
  1. Label each city on your map of the United States.
  2. Draw a line to connect the two destinations (ex: NYC should be connected with San Francisco).
  3. Create a key detailing the distance between the cities in the following measurements: 

Step 5: Create a visual aid (poster, powerpoint, banner) to show to your class what you and your partner have learned.

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