Traveling Through the USA



  1. First you'll be assigned to a team of 3 students, please greet your teammates in a friendly way (remember you will be "traveling together")


  1. After greeting each other, each student must decide what job they want to complete. (If there is an issue with two people wanting the same job, work cooperatively to figure out a creative solution so time is not wasted.)


  1. Once you've picked a job, you must decide the best way to help plan this vacation.


  1. You must know decided as a group to either travel to California (CA) Florida (FL)


  1. After making an educated choice and discussing with the group, start your research.


  1. Each person should use the predetermined websites to help make planning choices.


  1. Upon completion of the research, each person should bring that information to the group.


  1. Everyone in the group must agree on the accommodations, food choice, and travel arrangements, before you can create your travel brochure.


  1. HINT- Keeping good notes can help you make better choices, stay organized and work together.
  2. Using the provided worksheets linked below will help keep you organized, print these out first before you start your research!


Brochure- I will provide you with construction paper that you will use to create your group travel brochure  This brochure will showcase where you have chosen to stay, where you are going to eat and your mode of transportation. This will be done as a group effort, so do your part!


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    Description: Checklist for trip

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    Description: Calculation worksheet

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    Description: Job titles and their websites

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