The recommended way to go about building, hosting and managing your gadget is through the Google Gadget Editor, or GGE.  The GGE is a Google-provided and hosted utility that lets you edit gadget specs and Preview your changes, as well save, host, and publish your gadgets.

When you first log into the GGE, you will be presented with the traditional Hello, World! example.  Using this example, the process for creating your gadget is quite simple, and can be completed in just two simple steps:
       Paste in your custom code
       Save and name the gadget

Adding Your Custom Code

    Place your cursor just after "Hello, world!" on line 5
    Press the <Enter> key on your keyboard to add a line break
    Paste in your code
    Delete "Hello, world!" from line 5.  (The GGE will not let you delete this text before adding your custom code)

If you would like to see how your new gadget looks, or verify that it works as intended, you should now be able to give it a quick test by clicking on the Preview tab at the top of the editor.

Saving Your Gadget

After you've created your gadget, you will need to save it for use on your website.  To do this, use the Save As option because it allows you to easily change the name to something appropriate for your needs.


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