When Life Gives You Lemons...Make Money!



Steps to take in order to run a successful business:

1) Begin your journey as the business owner of your own  Virtual Lemonade Stand for 30 days. 

3) Record all of the data for each day in the chart provided below. 
  • Amount of cups, lemons, sugar and ice purchased before each day
  • Drink Formula # of each ingredient that day(Ex; L:4 S:2 I:7) 
  • Temperature/Weather for each day 
  • Did you sell out of the product before the end of the day? Yes or No
  • Customer Satisfaction Percentage
  • Price of one cup of lemonade
  • Amount of money you have at beginning of day
  • Amount of money you have at end of day
3) Answer the questions provided and reflect on how you could have improved your business. (Please use this in your final slide show)

Slide Show Program 

4) Include in your slideshow graphs and charts of the data you collected. 

Examples of how to show data include:
  • Pie Chart: Rainy days Vs. Sunny Days
  • Bar Chart: Average cost per cup to average selling price per cup 
  • Bar Graph: Starting Amounts to Ending Amounts
  • Bar Chart: Lemons Purchases to Sugar Purchases
  • Line Graph: Profit each day Vs Temperature each day
Be able to explain each graph.

5) Create your own business card.
  • No personal information
  • Must be made up
  • Please fill out all boxes

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