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This webquest will take you 4 days to finish.  You will do 1 activity each day during Math Center Time.  You will need to have your math journal with you to record  a number each day.  Remember to look at our calendar to write the code date!   I want you to pick at least one number a day to record and illustrated - - but if you have time, please pick another one from the game to put in your journal!

Day 1- First you and your math buddy will need to go to the first link, Tons of Marshmellows.  A friendly bear is camping and needs help roasting his marshmellows.  Please help him model 2- digit numbers.  The marshmellows on a stick remind me of our bean sticks.  After you him bear, write one of the numbers you made in your math journal.  Then draw the marshmellows that you need to make your number.  Did you group your marshmellow in a ten?  How many tens did you have? How many ones?

Day 2- First you and your math buddy will go to the second link to play Dinosaur math.  While you play, pick a number to write in your journal.  Then illustrate this number to show me how many tens you have and how many ones you need to make this number.

Day 3- You and your buddy will now go to the third link to make numbers with base 10 blocks. Choose a number that you make on the game and write it in your journal.  You may use the base ten stamps to illustrate your number.

Day 4- Today you and your math buddy will go to the fourth link and add base 10 blocks to make a new 2-digit number.  You will need to make your math journal page look like our place value mats with ones at the top of the page on the right and tens on the left side.  Please draw a line down the middle like our mats.  Use the base 10 stamps to record your new number.  Make sure you write the new 2-digit number.

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