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First, please review Word Screen Elements below, as well as the YouTube video of Word Screen Elements.  If you’ve been using Word 2003, there is a document below for Referencing 2003 to 2010.  When you first open this Excel file, you will need to maximize the embedded document to see the tabs on the Excel Sheet.  These tabs will take you to the specific topics.

  1. You need to learn how to save a document properly.  Go to File Management below from About.com to learn how to organize your document files.
  2. Saving your Word document is as simple as clicking on the “File” tab, then clicking “Save As”.  From this point, you need to navigate to where you want your document saved.  As you work on a document, remember to continually save your work.  You can do this from the Quick Access Toolbar.
  3. Next you will learn how to change the font and use WordArt.

Click below on Fonts to learn how to change the font from Ask.com.
Now you know how to change your font, next try WordArt.  WordArt adds different effects to your text.  Click on WordArt below  to learn about WordArt from Microsoft Office.

  • Assignment #1:
  • Create a document incorporating 3 different font sizes, you can type up anything that you would like, introduce yourself, write a poem, whatever you prefer. 
  •  At the top of the document, put your name created with WordArt. 
  • At the end of the document list where your file is saved.  For example:  users/stacy/documents/NAU/CTE486/Word
  • Email your completed assignment.
  1. Inserting a Header and Footer –View the below website titled Header and Footer to learn how to insert a header and footer from gilsmethod.com .
  2. Insert a graphic or clipart into a Word document.  This can add needed detail to your document.  Review the below website  Inserting Clip Art.  Pay close attention on how to change the text wrapping settings. 
  • Assignment #2:
  • Create a new document inserting an image or clipart from Word’s library.  Write a brief description of the clipart you insert and why you choose it.  The image is to be left justified, 2 inches or less in width, with text wrapping around it.
  • Insert a Header with your name and page number.
  • Insert a Footer with file location and date.
  • Email your completed assignment.

Assignment #3:
Search the web for the following information.

  1. How to display the formatting marks
  2. How to insert the date
  3. How to change line spacing
  4. How to change Margins

Using Word, list each of the above and the website you found for it.  Include a Header with your name.  Email your completed assignment.



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