ZUNAL is the resource used to create this activity.

It is a WEB QUEST creator.  It provides an easy to follow template to create any kind of WEB QUEST you would like to create.

Zunal literally takes you through step by step in creating a web quest.  

In addition to creating your own web quest, you will also have access to thousands of web quests created by others.

Teachers can also work collaboratively on a web quests.


We will use this TEMPLATE on our TECH DAY to convert your LESSON PLAN into a BLENDED/DIGITAL LESSON.

After you sign up you will be able to create one FREE Web Quest.  (You if you like Zunal, you will be able to convert your account to a paid account and create unlimited Web Quests.)


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  • Zunal Example 1
    Description: This is an example of using ZUNAL to create several activities for one UNIT of STUDY in WORLD HISTORY.

Web Link
  • Zunal Example 2
    Description: A short Web Quest connecting history and art to and art installation at a local Metro Nashville Park.

Web Link
  • Zunal Example 3
    Description: Extensive Web Quest using a Zombie Apocalypse as the back drop for learning about the 5 Themes of Geography.

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  • Zunal Example 4
    Description: A Web Quest where students following the creation of a cotton t-shirt as it travels across the world.

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