Welcome to the HHS CLUSTER TECH DAY 2015!

Wait... "I'm not AT the TECH DAY," you say?

Well, you soon will be.  

We want to model the FLIPPED/BLENDED CLASSROOM for you with this Professional Development Day.

We will be asking you to complete some TASKS prior to our day together.  This will save time as well as give you an idea and background that will be valuable when you arrive at the TECH DAY.

STEP 1:  We ask that you find and BRING a LESSON PLAN that you already use with your classes.  It doesn't matter which subject, or which grade level, but it should be a lesson plan you are familiar with already and you have used before. (A lesson plan NOT a UNIT plan.)

STEP 2: We ask that you PLEASE COMPLETE the MODULES that are listed in the WEB QUEST!  

This will help with some basics such as getting signed up for certain sites we will be using...etc. 

STEP 3: Think about I CAN instead of I CAN'T as you approach the transition from a standard lesson to one that incorporates tech as part of a BLENDED CLASSROOM.  You are going to be AMAZED at all that you can do with what we will be learning together!

STEP 4:  Please take a moment and watch this VIDEO.  It will lay the foundation for our focus on TECH DAY. SAMR!
               If you use TECH in your class, where do think you are in regard to SAMR? S? A? M? R?

STEP 5: Everyone attending our TECH DAY will have an opportunity to SHARE something about themselves on our GOOGLE SLIDE PRESENTATION. Please CLICK HERE and CREATE YOUR SLIDE.  Where is this activity in the SAMR model?


Thanks for what you do in the classroom every day!

Thanks for your interest in better understanding tech and blended learning!

Thanks for being a teacher/professional that wants to continue growing and learning!

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