8:30-10:00- Today’s Meet Check #1

                   Digital Lesson Part 1: Instruction (SAMR)  (Beavers/Claassen)

                   Using Lesson Plan- Select a Digital Tool and incorporate into lesson

                   (Zunal, EduCanon, Podcasts, Teacher Vids, Photography in the Classroom)

               TWITTER send #2


Web Link
  • Screencast-o-matic
    Description: This site allows you to record anything that is on your computer screen. So if you want to show a demonstration of something dealing with the computer this is perfect to use. A 1 year subscription is $15. You are able to edit video, store it or transfer it to places like GOOGLE DRIVE, YOUTUBE...etc.

Web Link
  • Canva
    Description: A good tool for creating a class website.

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