Easel.ly is an app that allows you to create professional quality INFOGRAPHICS (similar to the one you saw in the blog"How to be Successful")

You will use it a few times this year for web quests in this class.  You can set up an account, but it isn't necessary, because you are allowed to SAVE the infographics you create as image files.

You will create an infographic with this practice session and save it to your Digital Portfolio on GOOGLE DRIVE (Save it under TECH TOOLS)

Step 1: Sign up for an account by starting here.  Use your SCHOOL GOOGLE WEB ADDRESS to sign up. (IMAGE 1)

Step 2: Go to your  PASSWORDS document on GOOGLE DRIVE and add your ID and Password information.

Type your Easel.ly  ID:___________________ and Password: ___________________  on the next line of this document.

Step 3: Watch this (VIDEO 1) .  This will give you a good understanding before you attempt to use it.

Go to Easel.ly Part 2


Image 1
Description: Register

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Video: How To Make an Infographic using EASEL.LY
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Description: Selecting Public Visual

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