This site is the second most important tool you will use this year.  You will use Kid Blog to create your own blog to use for journaling about your learning this year.  A large part of MYP is being a REFLECTIVE learner.  You will be using your blog as a tool for doing this.

Step 1: Go to the Kids Blog website HERE

Step 2: Use the THESE CODES (for Mr. Beavers' class, Mr. Bennett's class, he will give you the codes) to set up your account for your class. (IMAGE 1)

Step 3: You will now have TWO options for setting up an account. 

1) Using your GOOGLE account  or 2)Creating your own screen name. (IMAGE 2)

Whichever one you use, it MUST have your FIRST AND LAST NAME in the screen name.

Step 4: Go to your  PASSWORDS document on GOOGLE DRIVE and add your ID and Password information.

 Type your KID BLOG  ID:___________________ and Password: ___________________  on the next line of this document.

Step 5: Go back to KID BLOG by clicking this link What is the purpose of keeping your blog?

Step 6: Now TAKE TIME and READ this whole entry.  This will explain the important parts of this class and what is expected of you. Take notes if you need to.

Step 7: Once you have finished reading the entire blog entry, click this link  How to Be Successful in this Class.  Take a moment and look closely at this INFOGRAPHIC.  Think about how it matches what you read in the last blog entry.  Is there NEW information here?  So study this closely.

Step 8: When you finish, look in the TOP RIGHT and find HHS WORLD GEOGRAPHY and click on it.  Find the  THREE TABS on this page, click the one that says NEW POST. (IMAGE 3) If you accidentally click the World History on the left you will be able to access the three tabs as well. (IMAGE 4)

Step 9: You will now create your FIRST post for your blog. Think about what you read in the blog, and what you saw in the infographic and explain what is EXPECTED OF YOU for this class in YOUR OWN WORDS.  Some things you might include...

Always give your blogs a TITLE- this time use Expectations of ME

What are the most important things needed for this class?  

What are you expected to do to be successful in this class?

What might be a challenge for you in this class? Why?

What are you looking forward to about this class?

What questions do you have about what you have read and seen in these two blog posts?

Step 10: When you finish writing, look at the far right of the page and find the icon PUBLISH and click it.  No one else will be able to see your blogs (just the titles) you write, only Mr. Beavers. Check out (IMAGE 5) to help with privacy settings and publishing.


ALWAYS make sure you have LOGGED OUT of everything you use on these computers, so that the next person to use the computer does not have access to your accounts.  This is VERY IMPORTANT so do NOT forget to log out. 


Image 1
Description: Creating a KidBlog account
Image 2
Description: Creating Screen name using GOOGLE account
Image 3
Description: Creating your first BLOG Entry
Image 4
Description: Click tab to create first blog
Image 5
Description: Publishing your blog. Publishing it privately (Only the teacher can see)
Image 6
Description: Logging out

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