Colorado or Bust!

Essential Vocabulary Words for the Gold Rush


Commodity - Something useful that can be turned to commercial or other advantage.

Demand - The desire to possess a commodity or make use of a service, combined with the ability to purchase it.

Expedition - A journey undertaken by a group of people with a definite objective.

Feature - A prominent or distinctive aspect, quality, or characteristic.

Gold - A soft, yellow, corrosion-resistant element, the most malleable and ductile metal, occurring in veins and alluvial deposits and recovered by mining or by panning or sluicing.

Lode - A vein of mineral ore deposited between clearly demarcated layers of rock.

Metalurgy - The science that deals with procedures used in extracting metals from their ores, purifying and alloying metals, and creating useful objects from metals.

Mineral - Any of various natural substances, as: An element, such as gold or silver.

Ore - A mineral or an aggregate of minerals from which a valuable constituent, especially a metal, can be profitably mined or extracted.

Pioneer - One who ventures into unknown or unclaimed territory to settle.

Precious - Of high cost or worth; valuable.

Prospector - One who explores an area for mineral deposits or oil.

Rare - Infrequently occurring; uncommon:a rare event.

Region - A part of the earth characterized by distinctive animal or plant life.

Rush - To move or act swiftly; hurry. To make a sudden or swift attack or charge.

Settler - One who settles in a new region.

Scarcity - Insufficiency of amount or supply.

Supply - The amount of a commodity available for meeting a demand or for purchase at a given price.

Territory - A subdivision of the United States that is not a state and is administered by an appointed or elected governor and elected legislature.

Vein - A regularly shaped and lengthy occurrence of an ore; a lode.


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