Inventions and Impacts


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I want you to take a moment and think about the following questions...…

Have you ever had the grand idea to invent something? 

What was it? 

What lead you to want to invent this creation? 

Would it impact society?

Throughout history there have been an abundant amount of inventors, and their creations have impacted American society in ways we usually take for granted without even realizing it. It would be nearly impossible to live our daily lives without some inventions. Some are super famous and others are in the background and forgotten. Some inventions are created by a team and not necessarily just a single person. 

Take a look around you, right now, and just think of all the inventions that surround you. Do you know who invented those things? 

You will now take a journey and learn about a few inventors and how their inventions made an impact on American society. 

You will then become an inventor yourself and create something spectacular. 

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