Organic Farming and Genetically Modified Organisms



Currently in Malta, there are twenty farmers using organic methods of production which tends to increase in the future years. The number of customers seeking organic products have increased and this triggered more importation of foreign organic products to be displayed on supermarket shelves. Maltese organic products are starting to appear on the market as well. Gaia is one of the first certified organic producers on the island. The following questions will get you to think about the current situation a lot of consumers and farmers are facing, that is, the transition from conventional farming to organic farming.

        Would you choose to consume food products loaded with potentially harmful chemicals, growth hormones and antibiotics? Would you drink water from a farm that uses chemical pesticides and fertilizers on the crops and soil? What are the impacts on our health?

        Did you know that farming without chemicals is more labour intensive and more expensive than traditional farming methods? Why does organic farming even exists? Will organic products always be just a niche?

By the end of the webquest, you will develop a reliable point of view siding with either organic or traditional farming methods, based on the research and activities present, and defending why you feel the style of farming you chose is the best for use.

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