Understanding Computer Crimes



       All through our school years we are taught how to read, speak and write properly; either over the phone, writing letters, or in person.  Improper computer etiquette and computer crimes are a serious concern in today’s technological society and it is a bigger concern among students in school.  Computer crimes and improper social skills over the internet can hurt innocent users, schools,  and businesses. Computer crimes are usually committed by someone who intends on hurting someone else over the internet which includes: using improper social netiquette, committing plagiarism, violating copyright laws, and bullying or harassment.  This Web quest lesson seeks to help students to understand the negative effects of computer crimes, as well as using improper social skills. It will give students the skills on what to do to prevent it from happening.  There are serious consequences for those who do not want to follow the rules of the internet or for disobeying copyright laws.

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