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What is a tessellation?  You see them all the time.  Tile floors, checkerboards, honeycombs are all examples of tessellations.  

M. C. Escher was a master at making interesting tessellations.   He was a Dutch graphic artist who lived from 17 June 1898 – 27 March 1972.  


Your assignment:

You are an innovative decorative painter.  You and the other artists in your class have been selected by a wealthy couple, Mr. & Mrs. Moneybags,  who want to have a mural painted in their house, to design a tessellation that can be painted on their wall.  The couple are big fans of M. C. Escher and find his tessellations very interesting.  They are willing to pay a great deal for the tessellation design that they like the best.  You must learn what you can about Eshcer and other tessellation artists and then make your own tessellation masterpiece.  Hopefully yours will be the design that the Moneybags like the most!

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