Weekend in the Wilderness



     Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! Well, not so much lions and tigers but possibly bears and definitely the great outdoors. Now, you may be thinking yeah, yeah, yeah outdoors what's the big deal? But I'm not talking about just going outside or hanging out at the park with your friends. I'm talking about extreme, intense, wild, dangerous, un-tamed, exotic outdoors. Now you're thinking! The kind of outdoors where you travel into a dark, dark forest or climb a mountain so high that you can't breathe. The kind of outdoors where you rely on mother nature to keep you alive. What would you need to camp out in a place that is so extreme, hundreds of miles away from civilization? My guess is that you have never given thought to such things. Well, get ready to!

     That is right, you and three other 5th graders are going to go on an ultimate weekend camping trip to a far, far away place. A place that creates the border between Nepal and Tibet in South Asia and was formed over 60 million years ago. A place that rises to an outstanding 29,035 feet, and your spit will turn to ice before hitting the ground at its highest point. A place where brown bears roam free in almost every forest.

     Okay, okay I'll tell you already!! You are going to Mount Everest! Now, you won't be camping out at the top of the mountain, because that is crazy! But you will be camping out at the base, where you will get to sleep in tents, cook your own food, hike, experience nature, and have a great time!  So get your money ready for spending, camping gear packed, and let us be on our way!



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