All About the Money - First Grade Economics



Economics!!!! Who doesn't want to learn about the concept that has to deal with money, working, and the world? Why is this so important? Well, do you get an allowance or do your parents give you money here and there? This is all ECONOMICS!! To demonstrate this and so you fully understand it, we are going shopping! On this shopping trip, you will see the importance of saving or spending your money wisely through what you need and what you want. Are you READY?? Let's go!!!!

You have been given an entire $20 to spend on this shopping trip. However, you have been instructed to spend your money on school supplies! YAY!! But wait...there are so many different types of school supplies you can buy for $20! How will you know what to buy or if you have enough money to buy your supplies?? This WebQuest was made to help you!! Let's go learn!!

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