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Have you ever wondered who are the celebrities sharing your birthday, history or meaning of your name?  Maybe, famous people like: President Barack Obama, Beyonce, Michael Jordon, Kayne West, or Leonardo DiCaprio share your birthday. Perhaps your name means angle, love, king, smart, or leader.   Who were the Grammy Award or Super Bowl winners the year you were born?   Have you heard your parents complain about the increase price of buying gas or groceries?   How much have they increased since your birth date? 

This web quest provides you with the opportunity to research all the answers to the above questions while learning special things about your uniqueness.  You will learn the meaning, history, and popularity of your name.   Identify the celebrities having your name and sharing your birth date.  Research the important events which happened the day you were born.  Discover the top music, television shows, movies, toys, and books the year you were born.  You will compare the prices of buying a car, gas, house, and grocery items today; to the year that you were born. 

You will have the opportunity to showcase your uniqueness by creating a PowerPower presentation and showing it at Parent's Night Out. 


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