Ethics--Doing the Right Thing.


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Jim is an employee of the company Love To Be Here Inc. He has been with the company for 2 years. I just started with Love to Be Here Inc. and so far really enjoy my job here. Well, today I was in the supply room getting some yellow sticky note pads and Jim was there as well. After some small talk about the weather, he informed me I could take as many as I needed because the company doesn't keep count of the packages of sticky notes they have. He told me he uses them at home to leave his wife love notes while he is away at work. I didn't think much of it until a memo came around to my desk today stating that it is illegal to take company property off the premises for personal use.


What do you think of this situation?


Would you take the sticky notes home with you?


Is what Jim is doing ethical?


Should I report him to my supervisor?


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