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Recently the USDA implemented the Farm to School program.  The children become their own local farmer, and grow their own crops of vegetables and fruits.  Growing their own food is a great way for a child to see the growing process that that their food goes through.  Get them involved in gardening, their health and wellness are at stake. Children enjoy learning new and exciting things, get them excited about growing their food and taking care of their health. Many children are not aware that food comes from the ground. They view it as an item that comes from the store. They have no idea what a processed food is or that chemicals are involved, chemicals that are harming them. Give a child a chance to do something great for their health by starting with growing their own food. Encourage children to grow a garden even if they need to build a raised garden because the soil is not good where they live. The learning target can include basic curriculum such as reading, math and writing, the goal reached will be a productive garden. Students will need to read about how to begin a garden.  What materials will be needed, how to care for the garden and what items grow in their area. Students will learn how to measure length and width while they are spacing their seeds appropriately. They will need to calculate proper timing to plant so that the season is long enough to grow the intended food item. The child will be able to explain the economic value of growing their own food. They can show their parents at the grocery store how much food costs compared to if you grow it yourself. The student will be able to write up documentation about their garden. They can use pictures, words or both to describe their garden and how it is doing through each stage. Children will learn about how to grow their own food, how to keep it protected from bugs without the use of chemicals and be excited to share that they helped with growing their own food.         

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