Me and My Emotions




# Beginning 1 Developing 2 Very Good 3 Exemplary 4 Score
Being able to follow directions Following some of the directions but mostly working without reading what you should do next. Following majority of the directions but not all. Leaving out key steps to the finished project. Following directions but not completely doing what was asked. Following directions and doing what each direction asked you to complete. %10
Discovering different emotions. Do not try to discover what emotions are in the video or in your booklets. You can not identify any emotions. Try to discover some emotions in the video or in your booklets. However you can not identify most of emotions used. Discover many of the emotions in the video or in your booklets. Only a few can you not recognize or understand. Discover all the emotions asked of you in the video or in your booklets. You should an understanding of different emotions. %20
Study the different emotions. Do not attempt to study the different emotions. Attempt studying the different emotions but shows little understanding of them. Studies most of the emotions and understand a majory of them. Studies all of the emotions presented to them and shows an understanding of what each are. %20
Completing booklets and worksheet. Does not attempt to do many but a few (2-3)questions or only gets a few (2-3)right. Also, does not complete the booklets. Attempts some question but does not get majory right. Also, attempts to complete booklets. Does all of the worksheet and both of the booklets. Misses a few questions but over all have an understanding. Does all of the questions on the worksheet and do both booklets. Shows understanding of material. %50

Total Score: %100

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