How to make a good powerpoint presentation



This evaluation will take into account different aspects:

     90% for presentation design. (colors. theme, composition)

     10% for informations in the presentation.( Personality, expression, explanation and reason)

Your project will be graded with a rubric.


# Beginning Developing Very Good Examplary Score
Complete information Presentation add some deatails. Lack of some informations like author. Presentation information is fair. There are little mistakes. Presentation information is correct. There are good arragement. Presentation information is perfect. No mistakes.And verygood arragement. 10%
Creativity Students needs more imagination with subject and composition. Composition is fairly good. But students should need more imagination with subject. Composition is good, but more imagination needed with subject matter. Composition & subject matter show creativity. Image has content value and is very unique and interesting. 90%

Total Score:

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