You ARE What You Eat




# Exemplary Target Good Unsatisfactory Score
Group Worked very well together as a team. Everyone Participated as a whole and built off eachothers strengths and coped well with challenges. Worked well together but some individual self awareness may be lacking. Group worked well together but showed some difficulities. Problems led to issues with collaboration. Shows complete lackk of ability or interest in working with others. %25
Planning Thoughtfulness and creativity are shown. All answers are well thought out and aligned. Plans are thought through, but some creativity, focus, and/or thoughtfulness may be lacking. Plans could have been more thought through. Lacking some creativity, focus, and/or thoughtfulness. Little evidence of any kind of planning. Vert little creativity, focus, or thoughtfulness. %25
Creativity Showed great effort and creativity. Effort was good and on task. Creativity is evident. Effort and creativity are lacking in some areas. Little to no effort in creativity and thoughtfulness. %25
Relation to "Nutritional Expertise" Thorough and Complete. Demonstrated vast knowledge of assigned food group. related perfectly with food group. Excellent demonstration of knowledge of assigned food group. Relted well with food group. Some information may be misunderstood. Overall relates with food group. No attempt to relate to actual food group. Demonstrates little to no knowledge in food group. %25

Total Score: %100

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