Healthy Eating and Exercise



Congrats on finishing your assignment.  Hope you will continue with this healthy, energetic  regime.  This is where your creation is evaluated using the rubric below.


# 1 Point 3 Points 6 Points Score
Visual Appeal Visual Aids, Exercise Demonstrations Visual Aids, Exercise Demonstrations, Entertaining Easy to read, Visual Aids, Exercise Demonstrations, Entertaining, Fun
Task Few informative ideas, not interactive exercise rountine, non-edible healthy creation Informative Ideas, easy to follow exercise routine, edible healthy creation Fun exercise routine, edible healthy creation, multiple sources, creative
Evaluation Students not sure how project was supposed to be done. There was no creativity, and no clear presentation. Students described there inventions clearly, and actively. they enjoyed doing their presentations, and showing how they created their creations and exercise routine. Students has all of the requirments, had fun with their project, enjoyed presenting their creation and exercise routine, and included more information then the others.

Total Score: 3 is a F, 4-6 is a C, 7-12 is a B, and 13-18 is an A

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