Touching Spirit Bear



You will turn in the following:
-Map of Alaska with Ketchikan labeled
-Your completed WebQuest worksheet


# Critera Not Met Developing Very Good Examplary Score
Map of Alaska No map turned in. Map printed, but not labeled. Map printed, labeled, but not neat. Map printed, labeled, and neatly completed. 25
WebQuest Worksheet Nothing turned in. Worksheet turned in, with few questions answered. Worksheet turned in, and some sentence requirements are met. Worksheet turned in, neatly written in blue/black ink, and complete sentences meet requirements. 25
Time Management Did not use time wisely, and didn't finish assignment. Did not use time wisely, but some of theassignment was finished. Time used wisely, and assignment completed. Time used wisely, and assignment was neatly completed with blue or black ink. 25
Working Cooperatively Could not work well with partner or group. Some complaints from partner or group member. Successfully completed assignment with group or partner. Successfully completed assignment and worked cooperatively to help group/partner succeed. 25

Total Score: 100

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