Understanding Computer Crimes



Each student member will be evaluated on writing journal comprehensions, spelling and grammatical errors, and performance completion.  Students will also receive a grade on the quiz over content knowledge.  The goal of this web quest is to reach a perfect score of 66 points.  Good luck and happy writing!   


# Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Score
Shows comprehension of what computer crimes are Below or no understanding Approaching some understanding to computer crimes Good understanding Perfect comprehension and knowledge of computer crimes 4
Spelling and Grammar error Many mistakes and grammar errors Some spelling and grammar errors Very little spelling and grammar errors Very few to none spelling and grammar errors 4
Overall Performance in writing journal Student did not follow direction and complete task Student partially completed task with outside assistance Student Completed most of task without outside assistance Student successfully completed the writing task independently 4
Computer crime Quiz Student answer one or two correctly Student answered five correctly Student answered most questions correctly Student answered all questions correctly 4

Total Score: 16

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