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Student evaluation will be according to the rubric below.


# Not there-1 Getting there- 2 There! - 3 Exceeds - 4 Score
Read, copy, paste article with info for citation included Did not copy & paste article onto a word document. Did not attempt to read article. Copied, pasted, article, may have left off part of citation information, Copied,pasted article, included all info for citation Copied, pasted article, included all info for citation and used citation-making site for creating a correct citation. 1-4
Turn and Discuss Just gabbed Started talking about a sentence, but got off track. Talked about sentence(s), stayed on topic, developed some opinions, but didn't carry it forward. Talked about sentence(s), developed & expressed thoughtful opinions about the reading; developed an idea of the importance of digital citizenship. Followed protocol of letting each person talk before dicussing. 1-4
Video clips Watched one video Watched two or three video clips, weren't able to make a connection with subject of digital citizenship. Watched two or three video clips, discussed connection with digital citizenship, asked for help when it was needed. Watched two, preferably three video clips; discussed connection with digital citizenship; made decisions about what to look for in a website for 6th graders. 1- 4
Small Group agreed on one good website that would answer the Essential Question for the 6th graders Could not agree on anything. Found some sites, didn't use the resources that were given for locating sites. Used the resources given, found a site or two. May have checked for the author or for bias. Used the resources given, found several sites and discussed which ones would be the best. Noted the author of the sites, looked for bias. 1 -4

Total Score: 4-16

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