American Symbols with Jack and Annie



You will create a research guide including the eight American symbols you researched.  Each American symbol needs to be illustrated (hand-drawn or clip art provided by your teacher) and fully colored.  In addition, you will write a one sentence description of each American symbol.  You can do it!


# Beginning Researcher Novice Resercher Advanced Researcher Lead Researcher Score
Illustrations (colored picture or clip art of symbol) 2-3 pictures with little or no color (2 or 3 points) 4-5 pictures with some color (4 or 5 points) 6-7 pictures mostly colored (6 or 7 points) 8 pictures fully colored (8 points) 8
Symbol Facts 2-3 symbol facts written in the notebook (2 or 3 points) 4-5 symbol facts written in the notebook (4 or 5 points) 6-7 symbol facts written in the notebook (6 or 7 points) 8 symbol facts written in the notebook (8 points) 8
Conventions (capitalization, spelling, punctuation) Several (+5) mistakes (1 point) More (4-5)mistakes (2 points) Some (2-3) mistakes (3 points) Few (0-1) mistakes (4 points) 4

Total Score: 20

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