Background on Shakespeare's Julius Caesar



You will be evaluated on the notes you take, as well as your finished product, your PowerPoint presentation.  It should be a thorough summary of what you learned on your journey through this webquest.  Check for spelling, grammar, usage, and punctuation mistakes.   












 Digital Notetaking

The student has no notes, or the notes he or she has are not on topic.

The student has a few notes, most of which are not on topic, but some of which are relative to his or her topic.

The student's notes are almost complete and only lack depth.

The student's notes are complete and stick with the topic.



The student has no bibliography of websites.  

The student has the beginnings of a bibliography, but it is not even near complete.

The student has a bibliography, and it is almost complete.

The bibliography is complete and is in the correct format.


Final Project: PowerPoint

The student's Power Point is incomplete or non-existent. 

The student's Power Point shows some beginning but is not complete.

The student has a good beginning to the Power Point, but all of the required information is not there.

The student's Power Point is complete and contains all necessary information.



 Punctuation, Spelling, and Grammar

The student's Power Point was full of grammatical mistakes that took away from the overall meaning and made it difficult to follow. 

The student's Power Point had several grammatical mistakes, but the gist of the meaning could be understood with work.

The student's Power Point had a few grammatical mistakes, but overall was fairly easy to read. 

The student's Power Point was almost completely devoid of grammatical mistakes and read smoothly.


# Excellent (4) Acceptable (3) Needs Improvement (2) Unacceptable (0-1) Score
Group Grade for PowerPoint APPEARANCE PowerPoint presentation with MANY visuals/sounds AND VARIED slides PowerPoint presentation with SOME visuals/sounds PowerPoint presentation with FEW visuals/sounds PowerPoint presentation with NO visuals/sounds
Grade for being able to be HEARD CLEARLY Easily heard and understood Was mostly able to be heard, but was asked a couple of times to repeat some information more loudly or clearly. Was asked a several times to repeat some information more loudly or clearly. Not able to be heard or understood clearly.
Posture and appearance during presentation Presenter was professional, stood straight and did not fidget. Presenter seemed nervous, occasionally fidgeted or paced in a distracting manner. Presenter seemed very nervous and often engaged in distracting behavior like pacing, fidgeting, leaning into the podium. Presenter seemed completely unprepared and/or refused to present PowerPoint to the class.
Participation in presentation Shared an equal responsibility in the presentation of the material. Participated in the presentation, but took a secondary role. Participated in the presentation, but said very little.. Only pointed to pictures or changed slides. Did not speak to class. Or refused to participate in presentation at all.

Total Score:

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