Brass, Woodwind, String, Percussion...How do I choose?


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The rubric below will be used by the teacher to assess your participation and product for this WebQuest.


# 1--Beginner 2--Intermediate 3--Advanced 4--Expert Score
Worksheet Instruments Did not list instruments Incomplete instrument list Listed most instruments Listed all instruments Total
Worksheet Sound Did not describe how sound is produced Unclear description of sound production Incomplete description of sound production Complete description of sound production Total
Worksheet Interview Did not include any interview notes Included one or two interview notes Included three or four interview notes Included five or more interview notes Total
Team Poster Did not help with creation of poster Contributed ideas or manpower, but not both Contributed ideas and/or manpower, but uncooperative or bossy Contributed ideas and manpower to create poster in a cooperative manner Total

Total Score:

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