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# Sophisticated Acceptabe Developing Beginning Score
Information All the questions have been answered accurately, completely, and the information is presented in a concise, logical sequence. The presentation is missng the answers to one or two questions. The sequence of information is mostly logical and intuitive. Did not exclude any important information. Information gaps and lengthy text are evident. Information is incomplete: logical sequence is not evident %25
Spelling, Punctuation, & Grammar Project honors all rules of spelling and grammar. The PowerPoint is in publishable form; that is, it is proof-read carefully and without careless errors. The PowerPoint contains few errors in spelling, punctuation, or grammar (five or less). Several spelling mistakes occur throughout the presentation; a few grammar mistakes are present. The presentation contains many errors in grammar, punctuation, or capitalization. It is evident that it was not proof-read. %25
PowerPoint Background, Graphics and Transitions Background and text compliment each other; texts are easy to read. Graphics are appropriate and relate to content Transitions and animations are utilzed effectively. The combination of PowerPoint elements: background color, transitions, animations, graphics, need improvement in one or two slides. Text can not be seen because or the background color. Presentation; text size is to small or large. Few graphics are utilized throughout the presentation, they do not relate to the topic; transitions are not consistent or effective. Little or no attempt was made to utilize graphics, animations, or transitions. %25
References References have been cited accurately for each image or source used in the presentation. References are cited, but mistakes are evident. Some images or sources used in the presentation or not cited. No references are cited. %25

Total Score: %100

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