The Mysteries of Sherlock Holmes



Read the rubric several times as you work so that you know what is acceptable and what is expected of you on your web quest.


# Crime Bystander 0-2 pts Apprentice Detective 3-5 pts. Seasoned Detective 7-8 pts. The next Sherlock Holmes 9-10 pts. Score
Read the assigned web pages and take notes. Didn't read all pages, and/or didn't take notes from all sources. Defined no new words. Scanned the webpages, and/or took very few notes. Defined few unknown words. Read the webpages, took good notes, and defined many unknown words from the text. Read the webpages, took detailed notes, summarized the website text, discussed with teacher or a peer, and defined many words from text.
Took assigned pre- and post- tests, and story quiz. Did not take any tests or quizzes. took only pre- and post- tests and passed at least 1 of 2. Took both tests and story quiz and passed all 3. Took both tests and story quiz and scored 90% or better on all three.
Writing- 4 summaries of learning written and complete 0-2 paragraphs poorly written 0-2 paragraphs well written 3-4 paragraphs well written All fur paragraphs well written and well developed
Neatness- Work submitted is neat and organized work is not neat or organized well Work is somewhat neat and organized Work is neat and organized Work is very well organized and very neat

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