Hablamos Espaņol


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1. The title of your poster should be the SPANISH name of your country (this includes correct spelling and use of accent marks)
2. A picture of your country (it can be hand - drawn)
3. A picture of your flag
4. A picture of your country's leader
5. Pictures of food (3 different pictures)
6. Pictures of interesting facts (3 of different facts)

   Notice: As each students is presenting his or her country, you must write down one interesting fact - total 8-13 facts (write these facts in a separate piece of sheet ) this sheet must be collected and graded separately as extra credit.

 ON THE BACK OF YOUR POSTER you must attach all of your answers to the questions ( listed on process) . This will be your guide when you present your poster to the class. This presentation should almost all be in Spanish. You have the answers in Spanish in front of you so there is no excuse not to speak in Spanish.


# Poor (0-4) Average( 6) Good (8) Excellent (10) Score
Answer sheet 1. Very little organization (cannot tell which questions have been answered) 2. Very little Spanish 3. Hardly any complete sentences 1. Little to some organization (can see certain questions answered clearly) 2. Little to some Spanish 3. Little to some complete sentences 1. Mostly organized (can see most questions answered) 2. Mostly in Spanish (there are only about 5 - 10 words in English) 3. Most sentences are complete (most sentences are restating the question) 1. Complete organization (all questions are clearly marked) 2. All sentences are written in Spanish (one to three words in English) 3. All sentences are complete (a clear beginning and end) 3. 10
Poster 1. creativity (put together in a sloppy manner) 2. Zero to two pictures are present. 3.A lot of spelling/mechanical errors 1. Creatvitiy (organized but messy) 2. Some pictures are present 3. A few spelling/mechanical errors 1. Creativity( for the most part organized) 2. Most pictures are present 3. Hardly any spelling/mechanical errors 1. Creativity (completely organized) 2. All pictures are present 3. All spelling/mechanical detail are correct 10
Presentation( speaking) 1. Very little to no Spanish is used in the presentation 1. Some Spanish used in the presentation 1. Spanish used throughout most of the presentation (minus four - eight words) 1. Spanish is used throughout all of the presentation (minus one - three words) 10
Thrirteen facts on a sheet
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8 - 13 facts present 10

Total Score:

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