Exploring the Four Seasons through the Senses!



# Beginning 1 Developing 2 Very Good 3 Exemplary 4 Score
Student Participation Student does not willingly participate in the activity or with guiding teacher or parent. Student participates, but does not attempt to make connections or actively pursue the task. Student participates in the activity and makes logical connections. Interest in exploring the activities. Student is eager to engage in the activities and makes lots of connections to prior knowledge. %30
Description of Stimuli Student is not able to describe the stimuli that is presented to them in the activity. Student is able to give basic, brief descriptions of stimuli that consists of one or two words. Is able to describe what one stimulus is like, but not another, etc. Student gives solid sentences describing the stimuli that is presented to them. Student portrays exemplary skills in describing a stimuli that is specific and presented in complete, longer sentences. %35
Memory of what is experienced through this task (demonstrated through picture drawn by student) Student does not draw things that were experienced during this task and seems to have little recollection of the stimuli presented. Student is able to remember and draw a few things that were presented to them during this task Student is able to remember and draw most things that were presented to them during this task. Student not only remembers and draws things presented to them, but is able to make connections to their life and prior knowledge. %35

Total Score: %100

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