Eating a Healthy, Balanced Diet



The final grade is largely based upon the student's effort and accuracy, though timeliness and organization play a role.  The student can earn up to 64 points normally but extra credit points can be awarded for going above and beyond, such as with outstanding answers and/or making it visually appealing.


# Poor Fair Very Good Examplary Score
Timeliness No activities were completed to meet the deadline. Few activities were completed on time with three or more late. Most work was turned in on time with only one or two being slightly late. All work is submitted on time for each due date. 16 pts.
Correct Information No answers are correct or finished. Few answers and correct and most seem to be guessed. Most answers are correct (three to five wrong). All or almost all answers are correct. 20 pts.
Well Organized The student's work is untyped with no clear pattern of organization. The student's work is untyped and mostly unorganized with the exception of one or two activities. The student's work is typed but the peices are slightly scattered with incomplete thoughts and sentences. The student's work is typed and easy to read and follow as it matches up with the given questions. 8 pts.
Effort (Final Journal Entry) There was no thought put into the final project and it appeared to be quickly thrown together. There was little thought put into the final project but a few valid points. The student's final project displays thoughtful answers but some questions were quickly completed. The student's final project shows true thought in analyzing their diet. 20 pts.

Total Score: 64 pts. possible

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