Dish Gardening


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The user or the designer will be evaluated according to the criteria below.


Uniqueness A common design Similarity in some concepts Beautiful -Showing own design Very good.Unique.Beautiful. 30
Creativity Does not show creativeness. Showing creativeness in few aspects. Showing creativity in some aspects. Exposing full talent of creating a design. 20
Materials used Does not follow the proper materials to be used in dish gardening. Some of the materials are not properly used. Used the materials properly. Prepare all the materials needed and are used properly. 25
Design organization Does not organize the design or the proper position of the plants and design properly. Fair design but does not follow the proper organization of design. Nice job. Keep up the good work.Practice more for the perfection. Excellent.nice job.Have a very good and organize design. The plants are properly organize in its proper position or place. 25

Total Score: 100%

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