The History of Candy




# Fair O.K. Good Superior Score
Correct answers Note: Ask your teacher for the answers. 1 answer correct 2 answers correct 3 answers correct 4 answers correct %25
Poster Your poster is sloppy, there are pencil smudges all over, and it's not colored. Your poster is sloppy, but the pencil smudges are gone. It's also not colored. Your poster is neat, but there is no color Your poster is neat and colored. %25
Presentation of Poster You don't make eye contact when you present, and you also don't speak loudly or clearly. You speak fast, and you make a little eye contact, but not much. Your volume is not soft, but it's not loud enough You make good eye contact, but it's a little hard to understand you. You make good eye contact, and you speak loudly and clearly. %25
Teamwork Your team was arguing, and people weren't working together. You guys weren't communicating. Your team argued a little bit, but you guys still weren't commmunicating. You are starting to communicate, but you still don't really know what your teammates are doing. You guys communicate and understand each other. Good Work! %25

Total Score: %100

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