When Life Gives You Lemons...Make Money!



Slide Show
  • Minimum of 11 slides
  • Answer work sheet questions
  • Include data chart,  graphs
  • Information makes sense throughout the slideshow
  • Be creative
  • Use the different options given on the website 
                            Practice presenting-Look at your audience-SMILE :)

Business Card
  • Bring to teacher in folder
  • Class will vote without knowing who made what card
  • After votes are collected everyone will explain their card layout at the end of the slideshow.

Work Sheet
  • All questions answered
  • Shows thought
Data Sheet
  • Included in slideshow 
  • Correctly filled out
  • completed all 30 days


# Beginning Developing Very Good Excellent Score
Slide Show (-)11 slides, lacking information, very brief, unclear. (-)11 slides, lacking information, unclear, lost audience 11(+)slides, colorful, most information is included 11(+) Slides, Colorful, Includes all information, (Variety, Graphs, Worksheet and Data sheet) Slide order makes sense /45
Business Card Poor effort put forth, lacks completeness and unorganized. Put forth effort, unorganized, has a concept. Lack originality, neat, put forth effort, eye catching. Original Idea, colorful, creative, on time, neat, displays good effort. /20
Worksheet Minimal effort, unclear answers. Answers most of the questions, general concept. Answers all questions, puts forth effort on each question Answers all questions, thinks outside of what the question asks, complete sentences. /15
Data Sheet/Graphs Incomplete, missing days, no effort. Missing a couple days or not all of the boxes filled, graphs are incomplete or have little to do with data. All days tracked, all boxes filled, some graphs do not match. All days tracked, filled in each box and makes sense. Graphs match up with data. /20

Total Score:

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