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The student must have at least twenty eight counts.  If not, points should be docked for every eight count missed.  If student has notes, the notes must be organized and legible.  If some of the notes don't seem understandable, student can be asked.  If they can tell you the move, all points are approved.  


# 5 4-3 2-1 0 Score
Dance knowledge Knows dance and notes perfectly Has some stumbles during dance or has few problems with note reading Has many problems remembering dance or many problems reading notes Doesn't know dance or has no idea what notes mean 4
Required criteria Has all stunts/ moves needed Has all but a couple stunts/ moves needed Missing many stunts/ moves required Has barely any stunts/ moves required 4
Song Okayed all song with teacher Okayed most of song with teacher Okayed some with teacher Not school appropriate/ didn't okay with teacher 4

Total Score: 12

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