Place Value



While you work on this webquest, you can earn points for writing your two-digit number with a tens place and a ones place.  Also, you can earn points if your illustration shows the same number.  Remember to keep your journal neat (and write your code date!) and be a good math buddy.  


# Beginning Developing Very Good Awesome! Score
Written 2-digit form Number was not in 2-digit form Neither place value was correct one place value was correct both place values were correct 25%
Illustration Did not have model of 2-digit number Modeled a different number Had at least one place value correct both place values were correct 25%
Buddy Teams Did not work with Buddy Intervention was required often to mediate activity Intervention was seldem needed buddies worked well together and completed task 25%
Math Journal Did not do a journal page Journal page was confusing Journal was neat but did not have code date Journal was neat and easy to find information and code date 25%

Total Score: 16

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