Input/Output devices



Your presentation must include all of the following:
    A title page with the  name of the group on it
    6-8 Slides (not counting the title page)
    Each slide needs to have a title, an explanation of the title, and at least one picture.
    The picture on each slide must go with the device you are talking about
    Each slide must have a different background
    Each slide must contain a slide transition
    Each slide must contain custom animation

NOTE: Each group member must develop a slide on the device they researched.


# 1 2 3 4 Score
Requirements Too many parts missing (5 mks) Is missing several parts (10 mks) Only missing one required part (15 mks) Has all the required parts in this presentation. (20 mks) 20
Attractiveness Too busy. Hard to understand. (5 mks) Presentation could be neater. (10 mks) Presentation is fairly neat and organized. (15 mks) Presentation is nicely organized. (20 mks) 20
Spelling Presentation has 4 or more misspelled words. (5 mks) Presentation has 3 misspelled words. (10 mks) Presentation has 1-2 misspelled words. (15 mks) No misspelled words in the presentation. (20 mks) 20
Participation More than two persons did not contribute (5 mks) Two persons did not contribute (10 mks) One person did not contribute (15 mks) Everyone contributed (20 mks) 20

Total Score: 80

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