Organic Farming and Genetically Modified Organisms



Now, you should be able to appreciate the choices farmers make which affect our bodies, our environment and our financial status.

By the end of this webquest you should be able to:

-         explain the term organic farming

-         state two benefits and two disadvantages of organic farming

-         outline the importance of organic farming

-         list three ways how it differs to conventional methods of farming

-         explain the term genetically modified organisms

-         give three reasons why people are showing more awareness regarding GMO’s

 Students should also enhance their skills in:

-         Working in groups

-         Communication skills

-         Using the internet effectively for educational purposes

-         -Using ICT to produce visual aids

-         Presentation and writing skills

 Food for thought: Question

If all farms went organic, what do you think would happen?

After completing this webquest, please go to the wikispace (link given below) and give your views regarding the issue.

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