4th grade Solar System and Stars WebQuest



Great you made it to the end! You are now able to answer some important questions such as: 


How are stars alike and different from each other?


How are planets and stars alike and different in relation to appearance, position, and number in the night sky? 


How can technology be used to observe distant objects in the sky?


Now after all your research, this is your opportunity to show off to the curator of the museum your team's most amazing model of the solar system.  You will organize a presentation for your teacher, family, and friends to explain what we would see when we visit the museum. Your presentation should include your 3-D model of the planets, your chart of the stars, and your written descriptions and explanations.  Remember to introduce each of the experts in your group before sharing in your field of expertise.

Can't wait to see what you have for the museum!

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